Yucca Valley Church of the Nazarene

In looking back upon the past year, it is truly amazing what God is doing in the community we call Yucca Valley Nazarene. Every week I sense the workings of the Holy Spirit within the life of the church as we are taking our next steps towards Christ. The challenge for us this past year and the years to come are being the church God is calling us to be in the world which we live in. This is a monstrous task that can only be done with the Lord in the center of all we do transforming and guiding us.

The Lord challenged us out of our comfort zone this year by taking a more active role in revitalizing the 29 Palms Church. Our finances were tight this year and attendance was not growing as we had planned. However the Lord placed upon our hearts for YVN to send out to 29 Palms. Remembering years ago the Lord put in our hearts His vision of a compassionate based ministry in 29 Palms. We sent our celebrate recovery group into 29 Palms, with the charge to minister to those in need of recovery. This resulted in YVN sending approximately 15-20 dedicated people from our congregation to the 29 Palms church. Our worship attendance was affected for a time, but we are currently experiencing an increase with new people as a result of our faithfulness. While 29 Palms is entering in partnership with a local nonprofit called Food for Life who will serve approx. 100+ meals from the building on a weekly basis. We are grateful that God has called this small congregation to step out and be a sending church.

The radio ministry continues to go strong at z107.7FM Joshua tree being aired every Sunday morning. We continually hear from a number of different sources that people are listening to the program on a regular basis, and the Lord is blessing them through this important ministry. We praise God for this evangelistic opportunity in the Morongo Basin and beyond.

We have restructured Wednesday evenings to include a new service with worship and preaching for adults in addition to our children and youth we are experiencing increased attendance as a result of these changes The food ministry continues to feed over 300 people a month receiving food from USDA through Community Action Partnership of San Bernardino, and FIND Food Bank out of Indio. We have local partners with Vons and Stater Bros who donate bakery/breads and bags for the distributions.

Our men’s prayer breakfast continues to meet monthly as God continues to work in the lives of the men of the church. Women come together in a small group once a week currently studying God’s victory in everyday life. All of these ministries continue to help people take their next steps toward Christ.

As we move forward discipleship is going to play a major role in what we do. In order to take our next step towards Christ we must be sold out to Christ. This includes continued obedience to the Lord taking us places we never thought possible, teaching the word, allow ourselves to be led by the Holy Spirit in all areas of our lives, listen to godly counsel, and growing in Christ-likeness just to name a few. It is my desire that we are a church that provides the environment needed for the Holy Spirit to work within people’s lives. The Spirit can work in us such a way; that we are transformed into the likeness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

David DiFalco

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