Yucaipa Valley Church of the Nazarene

Yucaipa Valley Church of the Nazarene seeks to be a community where we can connect, grow, and give. We often say that we desire to connect with God and each other for the purposes growth and giving. There are many reasons for this vision, but for the most part we believe it makes our church look like Jesus. Life as way of separating us from our true selves, and those we love so we work hard to create an environment that brings us back together.

The leadership of our church seeks to lead in accordance with Ephesians chapter four. We believe this draws the best out of people for the sake of the community. We do this because everyone has the potential for greatness and the ability to be used by God to bring healing and hope to others. This kind of leadership is not simply for those who make decisions and hold official positions in the church, it is the type of leadership that we call everyone to as they seek to lead the way to Christ in their relational worlds. We believe that our culture suffers greatly from division of many kinds, so we seek lead in way that puts the needs of the community first and individual needs seconds.

All are welcome to our be a part our church. We exclude no one for any reasons. However, when the hurting show up we intend for them to become well. When those show up with ideas about God that are not based on Scripture we intend to point them towards the truth and authority of God’s word. When the questioning show up, we intend to give answers. Finally, whoever shows up can expect to leave looking a little more like Jesus when they leave because they have connected, grown, and are ready to give.

Pastor Paul Hobbs


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