San Diego Peace River Fellowship Church of the Nazarene

Ocean Beach, like other neighborhoods across San Diego, has a significant homeless population. Both because of our relationship with the Loaves and Fishes food pantry, and because our church extends our communion meal into a larger fellowship meal following the service, a number of homeless folks have discovered us. While the meal remains a significant motivator for many to visit us, we do not require attendance in our service in order to share a meal with us. Nevertheless, a significant number of homeless folks have not only become regular attenders of our worship service, but have taken active parts either in reading scripture or sharing during prayer time.

It is our desire and goal to further our relationships with our homeless friends, and where possible, assist them into opportunities for further growth and transformation in Christ. Further, as those longer established in the faith, we seek to continue our own growth and transformation. We also look for continued growth in our children and young teens. We hope to remain a helpful partner to the other churches in the Ocean Beach neighborhood, as they fulfill their own unique callings to that special place. 



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