San Diego Living Water Church of the Nazarene

Living Water Church of the Nazarene, in San Diego's East Village, is a church body called to discipleship through worship, loving community, and service.  We are a diverse collection of people who are learning to love God and one another more deeply.  God is helping us to overcome the many barriers that the world puts between us, which isolate and divide us, and to become one body of brothers and sisters united by the Spirit as we follow Christ.  We gather weekly for a robust worship service that includes singing, prayer, scripture reading, the pronunciation of the gospel, and communion.  We eat together, study scripture together, encourage one another, and offer loving support to one another as we try to follow Jesus.  We are a young church, planted in 2016, so the Spirit is constantly leading us through change and growth, and we are always in need of more faithful servants to play formative roles in the life of our humble church.  

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