San Bernardino First Church of the Nazarene

We, the congregation of San Bernardino First, are grateful for God’s guidance and provision over the past several months. By His grace, we have overcome obstacles and laid groundwork for future disciple-making endeavors in our city.

  • We transitioned to a single leadership team over all our compassion ministries. This has helped with more efficient use of resources and volunteer staff. We are now strategically positioned to open up new areas of ministry so that we can serve the community throughout economic, social and cultural change.
  • We have renovated the facilities on both campuses.
  • On our secondary campus, we launched a bilingual new start in February 2016 under the leadership of Steve Martinez, lead pastor, and a core group of 10 outstanding lay persons from our mother congregation.

Approximately 213 000 people live in San Bernardino - 63% are of Hispanic origin; 20% earn less than $15 000 per year. These percentages indicate the focus of our current ministries, but we must widen our vision and extend our reach.

While we are grateful for the achievements of the past year, we see these as only the beginning of a great moving of God. I believe, that in our time, God will remember mercy   God does not forget. We strive to be up for the challenge, ready for the labor and strong in the Lord, so that He may use our church for his great redemptive purpose in San Bernardino.

Susan Carole, Pastor

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