Riverside Arlington Avenue Church of the Nazarene

The members of Arlington Avenue Church of the Nazarene really believe that everyone is welcome at our church. Yet, we are not content to sit back with open doors hoping people will find us. We are constantly working in our community through intentional events, ministries, partnerships, faithful giving, and everyday life to ensure everyone knows that God loves them and that we do too. We find practical ways to meet the needs of our neighbors so that they can know how much we care when we share the Gospel about how much God loves them. We believe that, unless our church is serving others and actively sharing the Good News, we are not a part of the full Mission of God. AACN is a loving church that prays for its members, the needs of our community, and the work God is doing around the world. So we partner with the school across the street with a weekly reading program, a home for teens in crisis, a local homeless ministries as we reach out to those without homes who stay near our campus on a regular basis, and more. Our events feed families for free because we desire to feed the body as well as the spirit. We also have several weekly small groups that seek to disciple members of the church. We are able to do all of this and much more because we have so many wonderful members who are committed to lives of fervent prayer, generous giving, and expressing love for everyone around us. In short, we at AACN desire to fulfill the Great Commission by actively loving everyone, from those who gather in our sanctuary to people we can reach in our community and around the world

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