Redlands The ARK Church of the Nazarene

The ARK Church has continued to work hard this year creating a fluid model of operation by embracing freedom in ministry, open access, confidence and personal ministry.

Here are some of our results:

- 5 Local minsters licenses: Carol Theotig, Nelson Fink, Al Spigner, Albert Mamoluk (Arabic), and Sadrick Sidique (Pakistan)

- Coffee House Service is our Wednesday night ministry with over 22 different artists from the ARK & inland Empire with many new people.

- 5 Fold Prayer Ministry (Thanks Nelson Fink prayer partner)

- International ministry being developed in Arabic, Chinese, and Pakistani with 7 of our new members coming from this area of our community.

- Video/App. Ministry plus our Website with 127 world countries watching videos and visiting our website, that’s 20 new countries from last years report (Thanks Sam and Bei Wong, Mindy O’Connor/Kira Wegner and 8 camera operators from our congregation)

- NEW Adventures in 2016/17 Acts of Random Kindness; this is our unique DNA and brand new in 2016/17 Ministry teams are doing six outreach events to the inland empire. The first took place May 8th to the Pregnancy Resource Center. (Thank You Vanessa Bell & Teaching/Pastor Pete Stephens)

- ARK Building three times a year our leadership staff, directors, board, are gathering together to build the path for salvation, discipleship, and helping people become a ministry service.

- Coffee House Outreach we are looking for a second location to take our coffee house ministry out into the community as the foundation for a new church site.

This is just a portion of what can happen when you allow ministry to function in a fluid model. Letting people be the ministry is changing the ARK Church and my life.

Kevin O’Connor


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