Oceanside Renew Church of the Nazarene

Planting a church is as exciting, faith-building, challenging, and, at times, frustrating as we thought it would be. God’s faithfulness, however, is seen daily as we continue to walk in faith to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

This past year has been characterized by the term "passionate evangelism." While we did use social media and put out door hangers in the neighborhoods around us we had scheduled times of servant evangelism. We handed out Water Bottles at the local soccer field 4 different times. We handed out school Backpacks with school supplies in the local park. We touched over 150 lives. At this event we shared the gospel and invited people to stay and talk, or pray if they would like. On Thanksgiving we handed out dinners for 15 families along with the two families of the school custodians. What we found was the most effective servant evangelism for us was our community cleanups. It was here that we were able to talk with people as we cleaned up the park. For the majority of our team this was the first time they had been involved in any form of evangelism outside of the church walls. We were blessed with a single Mom rededicating her life to Jesus Christ and her two boys coming to faith. Another life impacted was a woman caring for her grandson. They had no transportation and there was no church close enough for them to walk to,until Renew. Another family was impacted as the wife came back to an active faith in Jesus Christ and helped her husband begin to get involved in the body. We praise the Lord for these lives. We have felt that while the majority of the community was not open to the Spirit that was where we needed to be during our first year. Jesus taught us in going out to share the Kingdom, when a person does not receive the blessing of peace we should leave. We have felt the Spirit leading us to change our location. The Lord has opened up another school for us and we are already inviting people to our backpack giveaway in August.

Our top goals and plans for this coming year are:

Prayer – We will have consistent prayer gatherings in homes specifically focused on people being open to the Gospel and responding. Every gathering will be a time of prayer. The team will be invited to join in times of prayer with fasting.

Leadership Development – We will intentionally delegate responsibilities through our Renew and Ministry groups, so that we will have leaders ready for 6 Renew groups. We will follow the pattern of I do, you watch, we talk. I do, you help, we talk. You do, I help, we talk. You do, I watch, we talk. You do and someone else watches. A second level of support will be in place before our leaders are developing new leaders.

Outreach System – Schedule 4 servant evangelism events this next year while being open to Spirit leading us to meet needs in our community. We will reach out to the homes and businesses in our area each month through drop by visitation and asking if there are needs we can assist with. We will continue to use social media and communicate everything we do through our website, mobile app and web site. We will also minister to the people living in the Assisted Care facility near our Sunday worship site. We will monitor the results of each event to determine the fruit produced. We will also continue to use a scorecard reflecting these goals and outcomes.

Discipleship System – Discipleship will focus on our spiritual, mental, physical and relationship areas through leading questions on as consistent basis. Modeling and Teaching will also be a part of this system but Discipleship happens best in relationships.

Multiply Renew Groups – Natural process as we connect new people to Jesus, those people are discipled, and leaders are developed.

We look forward to getting to meet you

Paul Straub - Lead Pastor

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