Oceanside Grace and Peace Church of the Nazarene

Welcome to Grace & Peace Church. A life-giving community in the heart of Oceanside. We are a new church in an old building! Grace and Peace Church is a community of people that welcomes all walks of life and invites you to journey with us as we study the scriptures and begin to discover the new life found in following Jesus. 

The writer of one Gospel named John quotes Jesus in saying "he [Jesus] came to give life and life more abundantly." This promise is what we chase after. We are a community of people who welcome all walks of life and invite you to come as you are, so wear what you feel comfortable wearing. If you like to dress up for church, go for it. If you like sandals and shorts that's great as well.  What matters most to us is creating a space to encounter God in a real and authentic way.  We meet in a historic church building just off coast highway in Oceanside, that has been remodeled and given new life. Coffee and refreshments are available and someone always brings a homemade soup to share. Our service starts Sunday at 5pm. Come gather with us!
Grace and peace,
Nate Wells, Lead Pastor
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