Oceanside Grace and Peace Church of the Nazarene

GP launched out from Las Flores church in August 2015 and opened our doors in a warehouse space October 18th, 2015 with the goal of building another discipleship community and share the Gospel with new people, and that's exactly what has happened in the past months. We have seen disciples growing and challenged in new ways and new people joining us. 

We started two mid-week life-groups under the leadership of our life-group director Ethan Wade and have seen the benefit of growing in relationships and in discipleship. In every area of ministry we are seeing people grow due to the church planting process. We are seeing people step up into areas of ministry that challenges them and its been exciting to watch how God is working through His people.  Since we are a smaller community and just starting out, we decided to really simplify our calendar and do a handful of events well rather than many poorly. One of the events we host is a quarterly potluck we call 5th Sunday Potluck and the Friday night before we host a night of art and music for the community and we call it Light The Night. Both events have been a fruitful way to meet new people and build relationship with our community as well as point people to the ultimate creator and artist. 

David Lashinsky has been leading our worship music and developing a team more and more each week. Our associate pastor Jimmy Thyden and I have been co-preaching swapping every other week which has been beneficial for allowing space to study, be creative, and also tend to the array of other pastoral duties. Continue to pray for us as we learn and grow in our journey to becoming more like Christ in all we do.  

Grace and peace,
Nate Wells, Lead Pastor
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