Chula Vista Parkway Hills Church of the Nazarene

This past year for Parkway Hills Church would be best described as “Transition.”  We understand that transition can be a very good thing!  Our church theme for 2016 is “Created to Connect.”  We believe that everything Jesus taught the Disciples to do was all about connection.  Connection with God first followed by connection with others.  During this entire year we have times of Connection around a table of food.  Some fancier, some more casual.  But all of them are with the purpose to Connect.  We are working hard to learn and then teach the value of loving God first and then, with God’s love in us, we learn to love others.  It’s the others that we live and work with.  It’s the others that we are called to love.  It’s the others that need a place of finding Christ and developing a deep and meaningful relationship with Him

We are thrilled to report that one of our members has “Transitioned” from being the office manager to that of being called into ministry and now serving as a district licensed children’s pastor at Parkway Hills Church. It is amazing to see God working in the church! With this emphasis on children, we are actively pursuing all avenues to the building and growth of our children’s ministry. Chula Vista is a community that is rich with family heritage. As we concentrate on the families around us, we believe that God will honor our work as we also work to bring these “others” to Jesus.

The church is also working on a property “Transition.” This transition is one that we have been working on for the last year and a half or so. The transition calls for the sale and development of 3-4 acres of church owned land that has been under used for 16 years. The development would ultimately bring a community of 26 homes that would actually surround the church! We see this is an incredible opportunity to literally have dozens of “others” who would choose to live in a community that surrounds our church. Our task when this project is complete will be to be the hands and feet of Jesus. To so offer the love of our Savior to our neighbors in such a way so they would choose to Connect with Him through us. We are Created to Connect!

It seems the road of development for any church is marked with certain potholes and speed bumps.  What we see as a “no brainer” is often looked down upon at a city level.  We are enduring some of these potholes as we speak.  But we are convinced that God is able!  That He that is in us is greater than that which is in the world.  God has shown us this in many ways even to the place were one of our city council members stated, “We want the church to be the hero in this development.” That is a God-thing if there ever was one!

As the “Transitions” continue, it is the goal of Parkway Hills Church to be and become the church that makes God smile. We know the church can face some trials along the way. Those trials, like the trials of Job and so many others who have endured the test of faith, will only make the church stronger. How? By keeping our eyes on Jesus the author and perfecter of our faith. Parkway Hills Church is graciously looking into the eyes of Jesus as we endeavor to Connect with Him as Savior and present Him in the same way to the “others” around us. We are grateful for the journey, the faith to endure, the love of our Savior as we look forward with anticipation to today and to the days ahead.

Tim Fillmore, Sr. Pastor

Parkway Hills Church

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