Banning Church of the Nazarene

This year we launched a capital improvements campaign for the repair and improvement of our aging buildings and campus. We raised offerings during a 20-week special focus; then people continued to give. God helped us to repair and remodel much of our campus.

We are especially grateful to the youth group at GracePoint in Wildomar for coming over to help us for a weekend of hard work, meaningful devotions, and fun. The GracePoint team was positive, encouraging, hard-working and a great blessing to entire congregation. Thank you, Pastor Wink and Jennifer Davis, and everyone at GracePoint Nazarene. You blessed us very much!

Again this year, we hosted the choir from CBU for a fall festival of music and worship. We had 248 people at the concert — it was fun to see the sanctuary so full! Our entire community is aware of our fall festival event — we invited and welcomed Mayor Debbie Franklin of Banning, who has been a strong supporter of churches. What a joy to share a weekend of music with our friends and neighbors!

Our largest group of attenders at Banning Nazarene are retired adults in their 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. Many from this group gather for a monthly time of fellowship and blessing, under the direc-tion of our very capable Rev. Richard Graley and his wife, Cora. Across the arc of two decades of our church life, Richard and Cora have been powerfully used by God. They are both such gifted ministers! We are grateful for the faithful members at Banning who have stayed in our church, contributed their tithes and offerings, prayed for us and attended regularly. These faithful friends have kept our church operating and thriving.

This past year has seen growth in our English congregation, both numerically and financially. Our youth group has grown a lot, under the direction of Rob and Cathy McCormack. Our nursery and toddler ministry has grown a lot, under the capable care of our own Sheri Higbee. Growth in children and youth has been the “headline story” of this past year, although God has blessed us with new adults and families also.

In our Spanish congregation, there have been many challenges. Attendance and giving are lower this year, while the core group has stayed faithful and consistent. Please pray for our Spanish congregation as they face the challenges ahead.

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