Greetings from your District Superintendent!

Hello from your Southern California District Office!  Blessings on you as we continue to serve together. God is doing amazing things and we continue to anticipate His movement among us.

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Serving together,

Pastor Tom Taylor


Work & Witness Update

We have three W&W projects happening this fall:

Mare Rogue, Haiti:November 11-20, 2015, 19 participants will be working to build a new church in the local community (cost: $22,000)

Bouflette, Haiti:November 25 - December 3, 2015, 27 participants will be working in teacher training workshops, pastor’s training, a medical clinic, and other small projects (cost: $8,000).

Jean-Rabel, Haiti: October 31 - November 8, 2015, 20 workers will be building the first of, hopefully, six homes on Nazarene property for orphaned children and youth (cost: +$50,000). The team is partnering with International Christian Adoption and Lazarian Homes to fund and accomplish this project.

If you would like more information about the projects or would like to donate to one or all, please contact Rob Altice


Children's Quizzing Calendar (2015-2016)

October 17 - Escondido: Invitational Quiz #1

December 5 - TBD: Invitational Quiz #2

 January 23 - TBD: Invitational Quiz #3

March 12 - Las Flores: Invitational Quiz #4

April 9 - Mission SD: District Quiz

May 14 - PLNU: Regional Quiz

For more information, contact Mary Mitchell. For helps and hints for beginning a program, contact Karisa May. For quizzing resources use NPH.com and HideandKeep.com.


Ministerial Candidate Workshop (Oct. 2 - 4)

 The Ministerial Candidate Workshop (MCW) is a joint venture between the PLNU Center for Pastoral Leadership and the districts of the Southwest Region of the Church of the Nazarene, uniquely designed to provide licensed ministers seeking ordination a deeper understanding of their calling. For more information on how to register, visit here.


A Heartfelt Thank You

As many of you are aware, Pastor Larry Ross of Indio, CA passed away this previous July 4th. His wife Sandee wanted to extend out her deepest thanks for the love and support her and her family received over the course of this difficult time. "The attendance of SO many at the celebration of life for Larry was such a blessing to me and my family." Thank you to all who prayed, donated, and supported in some way. We are truly grateful for a life well lived and for a Southern California church body so willing to love.


Do you have questions about where the funding goes and what it does?

Where does the money go that I give every Sunday? We tend to be increasingly skeptical about giving to institutions, especially when we aren't immediately connected to the people and causes behind them. To take some of the mystery out, the Nazarene World Evangelism Fund (WEF) has set up a website to show how your general church support is influencing lives for Christ.


Upcoming Events

  • Latino Women's Camp - September 18 - 20
  • Men's Retreat - September 25 - 27
  • Pastor and Spouse Retreat - October 2 - 4
  • Latino Pastor Training - November 7
  • District Advisory Board - November 12
  • Encuentro 2 Latino Youth - January 15 - 18
  • District Ministerial Board - February 2
  • "Fresh Start" w/ Dr. Busic - February 13
  • District Ministerial Board - February 16
  • Women's Retreat - March 11 - 13
  • Prime Time ReTreat - April 18 - 21
  • Children's Camp: "The Quest" - July 25 - 29
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