Blue Cut Fire Update

Most of you are aware of the recent wildfire tragedy that ravaged numerous communities in Southern California. The Blue Cut fire in the San Gabriel mountains and high desert north of San Bernardino has scorched 37,000 acres, destroying 105 homes, 213 other structures, and wreaked havoc in the lives of scores of individuals throughout the area. Lasting from August 16th to August 23rd, the fire displaced 82,000 people in forced evacuations; some of which came back to homes, jobs, and townships left in embers - including 1 member of our Phelan church who lost their home in the fire.

While the fire has faded from the media spotlight, scores of people still remain affected by the disaster, and will continue to be even after the physical scars of the fire have receded. In the midst of this chaos, our churches in the high desert and San Bernardino communities are faced with the opportunity to very tangibly display the compassion of Christ both within their own fellowship and to the larger communities in which God has planted them.

Pastor Brian Graley of Hesperia Nazarene has spearheaded a partnership with Pastor Jeff Mosley of Phelan Nazarene to bring relief to those affected by the fire in their connected areas. They are currently collecting and distributing food and hygiene products to the areas around Hesperia and Phelan. If you would like to be involved, please contact either Pastor Brian (619-708-7246) or Pastor Jeff (760-868-5646) to see what needs remain unfulfilled.

Additionally, as with most natural disasters, there remains significant needs arising on a daily basis which can only be met with monetary donations. If you would like to be financially involved, we have set up a Razoo account (similar to GoFundMe or Kickstarter, but specifically designed for non-profit organizations) to raise money to assist our San Bernardino and high desert churches in providing for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the community. Please click HERE to visit the Razoo fund site or HERE to get more information on the healing process.

Your SoCal district administration


Men's Retreat

Men - you still have time to register for Men's Retreat! Held at the Big Bear campground on Sept. 23-25, this year's men's retreat will host D.S. Greg Garman as the keynote speaker and will offer numerous outdoor and indoor activities for sun, fun, and fellowship. Click HERE for more information.


California SB1146

Thank you for your prayers regarding the California Bill SB1146. Some encouraging news has come forward recently. Please note the recent Sacramento Bee article for further information.


Summer Shorts

We've finished with our "Summer Shorts" series of videos but you can still access the videos to get a few snapshots of what God is doing on the SoCal district. We have highlighted three ministries: San Jacinto Shepherd's House, San Bernardino First, and San Diego Southeast.  Click HERE to view and download all three.


NYI - Save the Date

January 5-7, 2017 - SoCal NYI Leader retreat. Whether you're a youth pastor, youth worker, or youth sponsor, you are welcome at this weekend event! More details to be announced soon.


Leadership Team Retreat

Formerly Pastor and Spouse retreat, this year's Leadership Team Retreat will take place October 7-9 at the Springhill Suits Marriott in Oceanside, CA. Cost is $375 for a double room occupancy and includes dinner on Fri./Sat. and breakfast Sat./Sun. Click HERE for more information and registration.


Teen Bible Quizzing

The first competition of the year is Sept 10 at the Las Palmas Church of the Nazarene in Indio, covering Luke 1-2.  Beginning at 9 AM, this even is planned as a Scramble/Workshop to support development of new quizzers and coaches and to promote district-wide fellowship.  

Our second event is the 12th annual San Diego Invitational on Oct 8 at the Mission Church of the Nazarene in San Diego, covering Luke 1-6.  This event starts at 8:30 am and is a Southwest Field Invitational.

This year’s competition schedule (many locations are TBD) 

  • Sept 10, Luke 1-2, Scramble/Workshop
  • Oct 8, Luke 1-6, San Diego Invitational @ Mission Church
  • Nov 12, Luke 1-10, District Quiz
  • Dec 3, Luke 1-12 (material estimate), Grizzly Tournament @ Fresno area
  • Jan 14, Luke 1-16, District Quiz
  • Feb 11, Luke 1-20, District Quiz
  • Mar 18 (date estimate), Luke 1-24, Prescott Tournament @ Prescott AZ
  • Apr 8, Luke 1-24, District Finals @ Mission Church
  • May 26-29, Luke 1-24, Elev8 @ PLNU

For more information, contact District Teen Quiz Director, Jerry Goodwin (


All Local and District Licensees

To better prepare and assist ordination candidates, we are looking to set aside October 21-22 for our first District Ministerial Candidate Seminar. Please mark this date on your calendars. More information will be provided when available.


2016 Haiti Work & Witness Trips

Please remember: the deadline for the final payment for the Haiti Work and Witness trip is just around the corner (October 28th). Please be in prayer for those who will be working to assist God's vibrant and active work happening in Haiti.




A Word from your SDMI Chair

We live in a broken world. But does it have to be this broken? While we all struggle for answers to some of life's hardest questions, James Garlow, a San Diego pastor in the Wesleyan tradition, offers some sound advice and poignant perspectives in "Well Versed." This book helps equips the reader to respond confidently with truth that is so desperately needed.

My hope is all small groups, college group, Sunday classes will study this book. Pastors please read it. It’s time to get back in all our SDMI practices to this principle: God’s Word is our definitive authority.

Kevin O’Connor (SDMI Chairperson)

P.S. Fresh Start has been scheduled for February 25th at Bloomington "The Bridge" Church. Stay tuned for more info.


Women's Retreat

Ladies, registration for the spring 2017 Women's Retreat has officially begun. Taking place March 17-19 at the S.D. Town and Country Resort, the year's women's retreat will host Olivia Metcalf (chaplain @ Northwest Naz. Univ.) as its key speaker. For more information on registration, dates, times, or particulars, please click HERE or go to the district website under Ministries (Adult).  Hope to see you there!


Monthly Reporting

Pastors, we need your monthly reporting. In fact, in order to spur you on to good works, we've decided to offer a $500 Best Buy gift card to the first church who reports for each of the 5 Sundays in September. Remember, please input your reporting on our district website ("Monthly Reports" under "Reports") or just click HERE


Upcoming Events

  • Men's Retreat: Sept. 23-25
  • Leadership Team Retreat: October 7-9
  • District Ministerial Candidate Seminar: October 21-22
  • Haiti W&W trips: November 11-19; 19-27
  • Youth Leader Retreat: January 5-7
  • Fresh Start: February 25
  • Women's Retreat: March 17-19

For a more detailed record of these and other upcoming district events please visit the district calendar, or

For a printable version of this newsletter (abbreviated) for use as a bulletin insert or wall posting, please see the attached file.

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