Finding True Worshipers in Mark: Part 2

Last newsletter, we noted Mark's use of couplings in his gospel, seeming to emphasize an aspect of one event to draw out an illustration or illumination of the other. We then began to discuss the two stories in Mark in which people fell down in worship before Jesus (especially as Mark uses the Greek term, "proskuneo,"): the demoniac in Mark 5 and the Roman cohort in Mark 15. (For a refresher of last month's devotional, click HERE)

Several parallels exist between the two stories, beyond just the use of the term translated "fall down in worship." We find both entities - the demoniac and the Roman cohort - in positions of power: the demoniac possessing both spiritual and physical power, and the cohort possessing political and military power. Both entities address Jesus in reverential terms: "Jesus, Son of the Most High God" (Mark 5) and “Hail, King of the Jews!” (Mark 15). In the story of the demoniac, the demon(s) is called "legion," a term for a large Roman military unit; while Mark 15, it is an entire Roman cohort which comes to "worship" Jesus.  In both, Mark addresses the clothing being worn (or not worn), seemingly, to indicate a changing state of each (the demoniac is clothed after being naked [Mark 5] and Jesus is disrobed, clothed in mock royal attire, and then re-clothed in his own garments [Mark 15]). And, In Mark 5, the demoniac comes from living in the cemetery - a place of bones, while in Mark 15, Jesus is subsequently sent to Golgotha - the place of the skull.

So, what do we take from these parallels? What relationship does a demoniac in the Decapolis have with a Roman cohort in Jerusalem? By comparing two very dissimilar pictures surrounding "proskuneo," (fall down in worship) Mark is here, perhaps, trying to provide a very important picture concerning the nature of worship.

The Roman cohort, large in number, full of military power, comes to mock-worship Jesus. They bring the trappings of kingship and worship: a purple robe and a crown. They offer bodily positions of worship: kneeling and bowing before him. They even offer the words of worship: "Hail, King of the Jews!" But, every offering is tainted with mockery: their crown is crafted to cause pain, their exaltation contains spitting, and their bowing down is mixed with beatings. And, afterwards, they remove the trappings, clothe Jesus back in his original garments, and lead him off to the place of the skull.

The whole affair reeks with insincerity, because, of course, their motive was never worship. Their motive was purely mockery.

The demoniac, on the other hand, comes in desperation, with neither pretense nor defense. His "worship" contains no fancy robe or crown; it also holds no insults or degradation. His bowing down bears no bruises but his own. The pronouncement of praise from his "legion" of demons is sincere and frightful for it is fully aware of Jesus' power. In every way, the demoniac comes bearing nothing before Christ - only the realization that Jesus has the power to heal him body, mind, and soul. 

We are given a similar disjointed picture of the results of each encounter. The demoniac, once thoroughly consumed by evil and its effects, is "sitting down, clothed, and in his right mind;" a body formerly in turmoil, we find at peace. A man shamefully naked, we now see clothed. A mind once destroyed by chaos, we find made right. However, in Mark 15, the tables are reversed: It is not the Roman cohort that bears the immediate weight of their own mocking worship, it is Jesus who is clothed in disgrace and crowned with dishonor. Through the cohort's mockery, Jesus becomes the beaten, the shamed, and the condemned.  Further, while the demoniac, through Jesus' healing power, is taken from the graves and brought into honorable society, it is Jesus, ushered in by the mock-worship, who is transferred from honorable society to the place of the skull.

We find, thus, the same is true in our own lives. When our hearts are un-submissive and insincere, no matter how many of the worshipful trappings we bring, our worship will always be, ultimately, a mockery of who Christ actually is. If we do not allow Jesus to truly be Messiah and Lord, we are merely clothing him in royal purple and thorny crown, heaping what amounts to sarcasm and spit on a bruised and beaten Savior, destined for a cross.

However, when we come sincerely, submissively, and stripped of all defenses, prostrating ourselves at the feet of Jesus, though we may possess a thousand demons, the healing power of Christ will be unleashed in our lives. Although we come with nothing of value to offer Christ, amidst true worship, we will find ourselves at peace ("sitting down"), dignified ("clothed"), and clear-thinking ("in his right mind") - in the exact position to offer dedicated witness for our Lord, just as the healed demoniac did.

Mark, thus, challenges his readers:  How will we choose to worship? Will we clothe our Lord in pious platitudes and offer up the praise of hypocrisy or will we recognize our own naked helplessness and allow Christ to clothe us in his honor and purpose?

To this aim, we pray that our worship would be pleasing and acceptable in His sight. May it be characterized, in all its forms, by vulnerability without pretense, seeking only complete healing in and submission to the person of Jesus.

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