Local NMI President Report


(Combined report for your church, including all chapters and mission small groups)
1. Report NMI members who are members of NMI and also your local Church of the Nazarene (include adult, youth, and children). Give this number to your pastor.
2. Report NMI associate members─members of NMI, but not of your local Church of the Nazarene. (Give this number to your pastor.)
3. Yes or No. Is your church praying for global concerns─missionaries, countries, disasters, needs of other people around the globe, evangelistic efforts, JESUS Film ministry?
4. Yes or No. Is your church discipling children, youth, and adults in mission by inviting them to mission services and encouraging them to explore mission opportunities?
5. Yes or No. Is your church giving 5.5% of your current income to World Evangelism Fund (WEF)? Check with your church treasurer and/or your pastor.
6. Yes or No. Is your church educating your members through all four of the areas listed (a,b,c,d)?
a. Used multimedia mission resources (such as Global Mission DVD, Engage online mission magazine (www.engagemagazine.com), LivingMission (www.livingmission.com), individual missionaries’ Web sites or newsletters, Media Library (www.nazarenemedialibrary.org) videos, NCN News (www.ncnnews.com) and/or utilized mission publications and communications (such as the youth and/or children mission education, International Mission Education Journal, Mission Connection, Global Glimpses, Nazarene Compassionate Ministries magazine (www.ncm.org), Holiness Today, JESUS Film resources (www.jfhp.com), regional newsletters, etc.).
b. Promoted NMI missions books//CD’s/E-books. Report the number of books read.
c. Participated in mission service projects (such as Work & Witness, Youth in Mission, Youthserve, compassionate ministries centers, community projects, etc.) and/or hands-on mission activities (Crisis Care Kits, School Pal-Paks, relief shipments, LINKS packages, unofficial LINKS, etc.)
d. Attended one or more services with a missionary speaker or mission emphasis (local, zone/area, district, and/or regional events; Faith Promise) and/or provided interaction with a mission speaker (district youth or children’s camps, missions events, district NMI convention, mission workshops, etc.).
7. Yes or No. If you marked Yes on 3, 4, 5, and 6, then mark Yes, you are a Mission Priority One Church. Thank you and thanks be to God.
8. Yes or No. Sent at least 5.7% of current income for WEF or $1,500 more than 5.5% of current income (whichever is less). Check with your church treasurer and/or your pastor.
9. Yes or No. Sent Alabaster offering. Check with your local NMI or church treasurer.
10. Yes or No. Sent World Mission Broadcast offering. Check with your local NMI or church treasurer.
11. Yes or No. Participated in Missionary Care by at least one of the following: LINKS, sent an offering for Missionary Health Care or Missionary Christmas Fund, ordered a Memorial Roll or Distinguished Service Award, or participated in Gifts from the Heart.
On a separate page, provide names placed on the Memorial Roll or given a Distinguished Service Award. Also write about unusual ways your local congregation supported the Great Commission and Nazarene missions. It might be through personal connection with your LINKS missionary, or an unusual Alabaster, World Mission Broadcast, or World Evangelism Fund offering, or compassion in your community or elsewhere.
IMPORTANT: Please complete the section on NMI President for New Church Year even if there is no change. All information should be filled out completely.
Name of Church*
Church Year*
How many NMI members (church members) do you have? (include participating children, youth and adults)*
How many NMI associates (non-church members) do you have? (include participating children, youth and adults)*
PRAYING: prayed for mission*
DISCIPLING: involved/encouraged children youth adults in missions*
GIVING: 5.5% or more of current income sent for World Evangelism Fund*
EDUCATING: participated in all four of the categories below. (a) Used multimedia mission resources and/or mission publications (b) Promoted NMI mission books//CD's/E-books. Number of books read (c) Participated in mission service projects or activities (d) Attended a service with a missionary speaker or mission emphasis. *
# of Mission Books Read*
Share Your Story Please list on a separate page the names of people added to the Memorial Roll this year. Also please describe simply any extraordinary way your local congregation supports the Great Commission Nazarene missions and local mission ministries.
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